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Historically, the culinary traditions of Vantaa revolved around salmon, which was used in casseroles, soups and vol-au-vent pastries. Salmon also features in the City of Vantaa’s coat of arms and the logo of the local ice hockey team, Kiekko-Vantaa, which shows the locals’ appreciation towards this particular fish. Salmon is likely to remain a popular part of restaurant menus (and sports) in Vantaa for as long as the famous salmon river Vantaanjoki continues to flow through the city, but the city also offers many other types of delicacies. Most of the local restaurants used to be centred around the few biggest shopping centres, but during the past couple of decades the restaurant and café culture in Vantaa has gained new and inspiring influences. New establishments have found their home in the city and heavy investments have been made to the existing ones, which means that there is no longer any need to travel to Helsinki in search of culinary experiences. Today, food in Vantaa is fresh, international and high in quality. Vantaa is one of the most global cities in Finland, and this is also reflected in its range of food options. Many snack bars provide variety to the traditional restaurant scene by introducing new and stronger spices, and new ways of cooking meat and other ingredients. Vantaa also has several hotels, some of which serve extremely fine food. Furthermore, the airport also provides an interesting mixture of restaurants (especially now after its expansion). Vantaa covers a large area and does not have a proper centre. This makes quick and easy home deliveries an ideal solution. When ordering food in Vantaa, all the city’s restaurants can be found on foodora.

foodora brings food straight to your home in Vantaa

Whether you just want a quick lunch during an otherwise hectic day or a truly local culinary experience, you can order it hassle-free through foodora. Visit our website where you can find the menus and reviews of several restaurants. If for some inexplicable reason you cannot find the restaurant you are looking for, let us know! We will do our best to fix this. Downloading the foodora app will make home deliveries even easier to order. And when it comes to payments, we are very flexible: you can use a card, cash, MobilePay or an online bank.

We recommend that you try out one of the places in Vantaa listed below:

  • Pizza Service Tikkurila
  • Pizza Express Tikkurila
  • Bamo Ravintola-Pizzeria
  • Bistro Liekki Lounas
  • Pizza 4 U Vantaanlaakso

Which home-delivered foods to order in Vantaa?

We recommend trying out some of the international delicacies. Having said that, though, unpretentious snack bar food is suitable for most occasions and definitely one of Vantaa’s fortes! Familiar foods, such as pizza, kebab, pita bread, burgers, Chinese food and other Asian dishes, are also excellent choices.