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Popular restaurants

Helsinki offers a wide range of food options

Food from an extensive selection of restaurants can be delivered home in Helsinki! The city is a mixture of culinary traditions from around the world, and you will be able to find whatever your heart desires. Nepalese, Indian and Chinese food have become mainstream, pizza and burgers are available everywhere in the city, nearly all restaurants serve falafel and kebab, and you can quickly and easily have all of these foods (and many more) delivered to your door through foodora by using our app or by placing an order online.

Have food delivered to you in Helsinki at almost any hour.

We will bring you food whenever you feel hungry – this applies in particular to our beloved capital city. Restaurants are open nearly round the clock in order for you to not have to worry about specific meal times. Sometimes life can be so hectic that you simply do not have time to cook or even think about food. Whether you are busy with family life or a demanding job, you should order food to be delivered to your home or the office, allowing you to focus on things that matter. Have lunch delivered to your work team, enjoy a movie night with friends and some good food, organise a romantic dinner with your significant other or order food to your doorstep when you feel the midnight munchies coming on. You can also order meals through our service and pick them up on your way back home from work – a popular choice especially if there is nothing in the fridge waiting for you. All this is possible in Helsinki!

Order food in Helsinki

Do you like sushi or Indian? Do you like pizza and hamburgers? foodora has something for everyone so that no one needs to go hungry, whether you live in Vallila, Töölö, Punavuori, Pasila or any other neighbourhood in the city. Here are a few restaurants worth mentioning in Helsinki:

  • Oulunkylän Kebab Pizzeria
  • Flavors
  • Yu Zi Sushi
  • Hua Fu
  • Golden Pizza Kebab

foodora – ordering food has never been so easy

Back in the day, you kept a collection of menus from different restaurants at home to help you decide what to eat. Luckily, things have improved since. foodora makes it really easy to order food, because the service covers almost all restaurants in Finland, allowing you to find exactly the type of restaurant and food that you desire. You can also use the service to quickly have food delivered to you, so that you can try something new every time. Simply enter your address, browse through the options and have your favourite meal delivered to your door. Have a delicious day!