Order Sushi Online in Turku

Best Sushi Restaurants for Home Delivery in Turku

Order Sushi Online in Turku

Sushi comes from the mountain villages in Southeast Asia, where it was first prepared during the 6th century by fermenting salted fish in rice for several months. The rice was ultimately discarded, because the fermentation had spoiled it. However, the fish kept well and was used as a preserve. Sushi took a long time to arrive in Finland. So long in fact that it had time to change considerably, and these days the dish is made with fresh fish or shellfish and rice seasoned with vinegar, salt and sugar, which is also consumed. Other typical ingredients of this Japanese delicacy include ginger, soy sauce, seaweed and wasabi. You will be happy to learn that because the rice no longer becomes spoiled when making sushi, there is no need to throw it away. The first sushi in Finland was served in Helsinki, where the Japanese restaurant Koto began preparing it in 1986. It first became popular among celebrities, and soon after with the rest of the population. Currently, sushi is a commonly chosen lunch option, and it is available in almost every corner of the country at restaurants specializing in sushi. Typical fillings include gravlax, avocado, cucumber and prawns. Furthermore, Finns have taken this trendy food onto a new level by introducing exotic fillings such as smoked reindeer. Sushi comes in various forms, the most common ones being makizushi rolls wrapped in nori seaweed, and nigirizushi, which are rice balls molded in the hand. The milder versions should be eaten first and the natural flavors of sushi should not be covered with an overabundance of soy sauce. However, do not let chopsticks give you grey hairs, as sushi can also be eaten with hands.

Order Sushi in Turku and have it delivered to your door

In recent years, several fantastic sushi places have been established in the city for the locals to choose from. Luckily, these restaurants also do home deliveries, because this aesthetically pleasing food can definitely turn the mundane into something memorable. We recommend that you try out one of these places that offer home-delivered sushi in Turku:

  • Sushi Panda Turku
  • Luckiefun’s Restaurant Skanssi
  • Golden Dragon
  • Sushi Hot

Naturally, we also have other restaurant partners in Turku, and you can order a home delivery from several other eateries. Are you too tired or busy to cook, or would you like to serve your guests something special? Our wide variety of options guarantees that you will find something for any occasion.

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