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Order Sushi Online in Tampere

Sushi comes from the mountain villages in Southeast Asia, where it was first prepared in the 6th century by fermenting salted fish for several months in rice. Once the process was complete, the rice was discarded, because the fermentation had spoiled it. The fish, on the other hand, kept well, and that is why it made an excellent preserve. By the time sushi reached Finland, its preparation method had been completely changed: these days sushi is made from fresh fish or shellfish and rice seasoned with vinegar, salt and sugar – and all of these ingredients are meant to be eaten. Other typical ingredients include soy sauce, seaweed, ginger and wasabi. Because the rice no longer becomes spoiled when making sushi, there is no need to throw it away, which is brilliant. In 1986, Finns could have their first taste of sushi in Helsinki, when the Japanese restaurant Koto began serving this delicacy. Celebrities were the first ones to discover this international dish, but soon it started gaining more widespread popularity. Nowadays, sushi is available around the country and is highly valued especially as a lunch option. The most common fillings include gravlax, avocado, cucumber and prawns. Naturally, Finns have added their twist to the dish by using exotic fillings such as smoked reindeer. Sushi comes in various forms, the most common ones being makizushi rolls wrapped in nori seaweed, and nigirizushi, which are rice balls moulded in the hand. Typically, pieces that are milder are eaten first, and the flavours of sushi should not be covered with excessive amounts of soy sauce. Even if you find the thought of eating with chopsticks frustrating, you can still enjoy sushi, as you can simply just use your hands!

Home Delivery Sushi in Tampere

You do not always have to go out to eat when you feel like having sushi. You can order a home delivery through us and take advantage of the best that Tampere has to offer – a genuine restaurant atmosphere right at your home. Order sushi in Tampere and enjoy food that has been delivered to you fresh. No sushi today? Perhaps you would prefer a pizza, some Chinese food, a burger or a kebab? Our selection also includes various other types of restaurants that you can choose from to have food delivered to you. Feel free to browse through them.

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You can use our website or app. We have made ordering food extremely easy, as all it takes is four steps: Enter your address so that the service can provide you with a list of restaurants that deliver to your area, select the one you want, choose one or more items from its menu and pay for your order. Once you have completed these steps, sit back and let us handle the delivery!

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