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Sushi Delivery in Helsinki

Sushi comes from the mountain villages of Southeast Asia, and it was first prepared in the 6th century by fermenting salted fish for several months in rice. Once the process was finished, the rice was discarded, because the fermentation had spoiled it. The fish, on the other hand, kept well, and that is why it made an excellent preserve. It took sushi so long to arrive in Finland that the traditional cooking method had had time to change radically: currently, sushi is made from fresh fish or shellfish and rice seasoned with vinegar, salt and sugar, all of which are intended to be consumed. Other typical ingredients include ginger, soy sauce, seaweed and wasabi. The wonderful thing is that there is no longer a need to throw away the rice, and so every part of sushi can be eaten.

In Finland, you could first taste sushi in 1986 when the first Japanese restaurant began serving this dish in Helsinki. After this new international food was discovered by celebrities, its popularity began to spread. These days, sushi is available around the country and it has become a popular lunch option. Typical fillings include gravlax, avocado, cucumber and prawns, but also egg, tofu and fruit are commonly used. Furthermore, Finns have added their own little twist by using ingredients such as smoked reindeer. Sushi comes in various forms, the most common ones being makizushi rolls wrapped in nori seaweed, and nigirizushi, which are rice balls moulded in the hand. The milder pieces of sushi should be eaten first and soy sauce should be used sparingly because of its overpowering flavour. You can enjoy a meal of sushi even if you do not know how to use chopsticks, because eating sushi with your hands is perfectly acceptable.

Oorder Sushi Online in Helsinki

Helsinki is the birthplace of Finnish sushi culture, and many restaurants nowadays do home deliveries. You can order sushi through us when the situation calls for it. We recommend that you try out some of these restaurants on our list:

  • Yu Zi Sushi
  • Sushi Panda Helsinki
  • Sushi Like Vuosaari
  • A Li Shan Sushi
  • Hua Fu

Our selection of restaurants in Helsinki is very comprehensive, which means that you are guaranteed to find food for any occasion and have it delivered to your door! Whether you want to enjoy a movie night with some pizza or make your life a bit easier by ordering Chinese, we are confident that you will find a suitable option. When you order food through us, we will deliver it to you.

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