Order a great pizza in Turku

Tasty Italian food trends from the best pizzerias of Turku

To order pizza as a take away has always been a beloved way to get delicious food, and getting great tasting pizza in Turku is both trendy and convenient. And in this city on the southwestern coast of Finland you will be able order pizza in a great selection of toppings and styles.


Turku is a city that loves to combine traditional food with modern cooking methods and the best ingredients. The modern trend is to take a beloved classic, like the pizza, and reinvent it to fit a modern lifestyle and this has made the choices in pizza styles and toppings almost endless. With so many different restaurants, it might seem difficult to find the right pizzeria in Turku that suits your needs. How about the tasty pizzas of Restaurant Milan or Pizzarium Turku What about but with foodora it is both easy and fast to get the best pizza delivery in Turku from carefully selected restaurants near you.


The trend in Turku is to use locally sourced ingredient to create both classic and inventive pizzas, and foodora only selects the best restaurants, like Splizzeria, to offer you great take away in the city. The on-demand delivery service means that all you need to do is use the website or smart phone app to enter your postal code and select from the array of high quality food establishments near you. You can then pay securely online and the eco-friendly delivery service will bring your great tasting pizza order right to your door.

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