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The first mentions of pizza date back to several centuries before the Current Era. However, these initial versions of a pizza were fairly different in comparison to the modern-day one, which is characterized by a thin crust with cheese and tomato sauce as the most important toppings. Virtually anything can be put on top of a pizza, but the most popular topping in Finland is pineapple. Right on its heels are ham, blue cheese, pepperoni and kebab (which contrary to popular belief does not come from kebab animals but is mutton or beef). Naples in Italy is known for its pizzas, and this Neapolitan version dates back to the late 18th century. Pizzas baked there were the first ones to contain tomato, and people traveled great distances just to taste them. When the Second World War ended, pizza started gaining popularity around the world. The American troops who were returning home took this delicacy with them and made it a global hit. The first pizza restaurant in Finland was founded in Hanko in 1961, and later one was opened in Lappeenranta in 1964 and another one in Turku in 1975. The cooking method, toppings and the structure of the crust vary depending on the region, particularly in Italy. In Finland, the choice between crusts can be made more freely, because often restaurants will serve both thicker pan pizzas and thinner Neapolitan pizzas. Fantasia Pizza may include any toppings selected by the customer, and it is the most popular pizza in Finland. This indicates that people want to take advantage of the large number of options. Of course, there are some geographical differences when it comes to favorite pizzas: People in Oulu put mayonnaise on top of theirs, while in Porvoo they prefer chips as a topping. This means that everyone can have exactly the kind of pizza that they want. Pizzas are also the most popular type of home-delivered food, and arranging for these deliveries is easy.

Order Pizza in Helsinki

We recommend that you try out some of the pizza places in Helsinki, because the city has more options than any other town in Finland. So give them a go and discover your favorite so that you can always get the kind of pizza that you like. For example, the following are worth a try:

  • Mardin Pizzeria-kebab
  • Pizzataikurit
  • Oulunkylän Kebab Pizzeria
  • Malmin Kuningas

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