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The first mentions of pizza in the history books date back to centuries before the Current Era. However, the food that these notes refer to is a relatively distant cousin to the modern-day pizza, which typically has a thin crust with tomato sauce and cheese on top. In addition to these toppings, virtually anything can be used, including meat, herbs, seafood, vegetables, root vegetables or fruit. One of the most profound questions when it comes to toppings is whether pineapple should be counted among them. Two schools of thought exist, but the facts speak for themselves: pineapple is indeed a valid topping, as it is the most commonly ordered one in Finland, being more popular than ham, blue cheese, pepperoni and kebab (all of which are the next most popular choices). Much of the glory for developing the modern-day pizza has been attributed to Naples in Italy. Neapolitan pizza was born in the latter half of the 18th century. It was in Naples where tomato was first used in pizzas, as previously this vegetable had been considered poisonous. People travelled from far away just to taste these famous pizzas. The first Italian pizza place was founded at around the same time. Pizza started to become a global hit at the end of the Second World War, when American troops returning home took the recipe with them. Pizza became a delicacy around the world, and these days it is served everywhere. Finland’s first pizza restaurant opened its doors in Hanko in 1961, after which the trend slowly began to spread throughout the country. In Italy, the thickness of the crust, cooking method and even typical toppings vary according to region. In Finland, thicker pan pizzas and thinner Neapolitan pizzas are available at nearly all pizza restaurants. In addition, many restaurants offer a gluten-free crust, and vegan versions are also on the menus of many places.

Order Pizza Online in Espoo

Sometimes, only a hot and tasty, home-delivered pizza can save the day! Browse through our selection of restaurants and have your favourite pizza delivered to you. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Pepino
  • Pizza Express Viherlaakso
  • Armis Pizzeria
  • Pizzakuningas Leppävaara
  • Pappa Pizza

If pizza is not what you want today, do not fret! Our list of restaurants in Espoo is very extensive, and you are guaranteed to find something that suits you, whether it is Chinese, sushi, kebab or a burger. When you order food through us, we will deliver it to your door swiftly.

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