Nepalese restaurants in Helsinki

Discover the best restaurants to enjoy Nepalese food in Helsinki

The cuisine of Helsinki, Finland combines root vegetables, nettles and berries with meat and white fish to form some of the capital city's staples. These includes such yummy dishes as blinis and lohikeitto. But despite these delicious foods, it's often difficult for Fins to leave their gastronomic comfort zone, despite being open to new taste profiles. But now residents can sample Nepalese food Helsinki and have it delivered right to their door!


Nepal's central geographical location means that it is a hotbed of culinary flavors. These include everything from Indian spices to Asian seasonings to Himalayan buckwheat and barley. The result is a truly unique cuisine that will appeal to any gastronomic adventurer. Such popular regional dishes include: a spicy lentil soup called dal, hot chicken chow, a cheese-like dairy product called khoya, and various meat dishes featuring regional animals, like wild boar and yak. There have been an explosion of Nepalese restaurants in Helsinki in recent years, which means Fins are happy to leave their comfort zones and sample the exotic cuisine of the far east. And the best part is that much of Nepalese cuisine, especially the platter of rice and meat dishes known as Dal-bhat-tarkari, can be enjoyed as a group.


There are almost 20 Nepalese restaurants in the greater Helsinki area, which means the selection process can be daunting. But it is easy to narrow down this list of eateries to the very best. These include Satkar, Annapurna, Pikku Nepal and Mount Everest. At these restaurants you will taste the heart and soul of Nepal, and feel like you are dining high in the Himalayas. All of these restaurants have near universal positive diner reviews, which means that more than likely you won't regret your meal.


But what about actually sitting down for said meal? Busy professional these days rarely have time to schedule a couple hours for a rest, let alone to enjoy a nice meal. So why not let that great Nepalese dinner come to you? Nepalese food delivery is totally possible in Helsinki, and it is only a phone call away. Then, in minutes, even the busiest individual or couple can be sitting down to enjoy some of the best Nepalese food in the city. It's an opportunity too good to pass up.

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