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The main ingredient of Chinese food is often rice or noodles. These are accompanied by a sauce with chicken, meat, seafood or vegetables. The flavours of Chinese food vary considerably depending on the region. However, all of them use plenty of vegetables. Finns are lucky, because many of our Chinese restaurants have dishes from all over the country on their menus, including sweet and sour foods, Beijing duck and Kung Pao chicken. Also tofu is frequently used. The first Chinese restaurant in Finland operated in Helsinki from 1953 to 1960, while the oldest one still in business was established in 1973. Today, there is a vast number of Chinese restaurants around Finland, and every town has at least one. The texture of Chinese food is typically based on the concept of eating it with chopsticks. That is why meat and other ingredients are cut to small pieces. Soups are also common, but they can understandably be eaten with a spoon – yet even the spoons often look different from their familiar Western counterparts. It might be fun to try to eat soup with chopsticks, but it would not lead to much! The Chinese themselves do not use forks or knives to eat, because they resemble weapons too much. However, the use of these utensils is perfectly acceptable in Finland, because often it is the use of chopsticks that looks more like a battle.

Chinese food Delivery in Turku

You do not always have to have the energy to cook. But this does not mean that you cannot have tasty and nourishing food at home. Chinese food delivered straight to your door can save you from a pickle. When you order Chinese in Turku, you should browse through the following recommendations:

  • Chengxin
  • Golden Dragon

Turku has a wide range of restaurants, providing you with plenty of options to choose from. And if you are up to your eyeballs with Chinese food, you can try sushi, pizza or a burger instead and order it through us. We will deliver the food straight to your door.

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