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The main idea behind Chinese food is using rice or noodles. These are accompanied by chicken, meat, seafood or vegetables. Also tofu is widely used. Every region has its own dishes, but vegetables feature heavily in all of them. However, almost all Chinese restaurants in Finland offer foods from every corner of China on their menus, including Beijing duck, sweet and sour dishes and Kung Pao chicken. The first Chinese restaurant in Finland was opened in Helsinki in 1953. Similarly, the oldest Chinese restaurant that is still in business was also opened in Helsinki, in 1973. Since then, the number of Chinese restaurants has continuously increased, and currently they can be found in nearly all Finnish cities. Most Chinese food can be eaten with chopsticks. This affects its texture, and the ingredients are often cut into small pieces. Soups are common in Chinese cuisine, but in such cases spoons are understandably allowed, as eating soup with chopsticks would create a right mess. Chinese people do not use a knife or a fork to eat, because these utensils resemble weapons too much. Finnish attitudes are less strict, and the use of these utensils is OK. In fact, eating with chopsticks sometimes seems like a real battle.

Best Online Chinese Restaurants in Helsinki

Chinese food is the answer when you have a busy schedule with no time or energy to cook. When you order Chinese food through us, we will deliver your tasty and diverse meal directly to your door. Here are a few popular restaurants to choose from:

  • Hua Fu
  • A Li Shan
  • Xin Yuan
  • China Szechuan
  • Golden Rice Bowl

Helsinki has the widest range of restaurants in Finland, providing you with plenty of options to choose from. If for some reason you do not feel like eating Chinese today, you can also order sushi, pizza, burgers, and countless other things through us. Our selection of restaurants guarantees that you will find something that your heart desires. And when you order your food through us, we will deliver it quickly to your door.

Placing an order is easy!

Enter your address in the field on the front page, and the service will compile a list of restaurants that deliver food there. Once you have selected your favorite restaurant from this list, just add the dishes of your choice from its menu into your shopping basket. Then, all that is left is to pay for your order, and the freshly cooked food will be at your door in no time. Bon appétit!

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