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Best Chinese Restaurants for Home Delivery in Espoo

Chinese Home Delivery

Chinese food is based on the use of rice and noodles. With either one, you can have chicken, seafood, meat or vegetables. In China, the cooking methods have strong links to geographical factors. However, vegetables always feature heavily in Chinese dishes. Finland is lucky in the sense that a single restaurant’s menu usually includes the most typical foods from several regions, with options including Beijing duck, tofu, sweet and sour dishes and Kung Pao chicken. The first Chinese restaurant in Finland opened in Helsinki in 1953. Similarly, the oldest Chinese restaurant that is still in business was opened in Helsinki, in 1973. That is how it all started, and these days Chinese restaurants can be found in every Finnish city, including Espoo. One of the main features of Chinese food is that it is typically eaten with chopsticks. This is why the meat and other ingredients are cut into relatively small pieces. Soups are popular in Chinese cuisine, but because eating soup with chopsticks is challenging, using a spoon is allowed. However, knives and forks are seldom used, because they are said to resemble weapons. The Finnish attitude regarding utensils is less strict, and their use is recommended, even encouraged.

Order Chinese food in Espoo

Because a diverse and tasty diet makes you feel good, ordering Chinese food when life is simply too hectic for cooking is a smart move. We can recommend a number of restaurants in Espoo that serve and deliver delicious Chinese food:

  • Ju Xiang Lou (Futo)
  • Phnom Penh
  • Onnellinen Lintu
  • Xin Long
  • Uusi Marja

If you would like to eat something other than Chinese tonight, like pizza, sushi or a burger, you will find it in our extensive selection. We will deliver the food to your door in Espoo.

How to order food with foodora?

Placing an order is extremely easy. By entering your address in the field, you will receive a list of all the restaurants that deliver to your address. Just select one of them and add your favourite dishes from its menu into your shopping basket. After paying, you can continue doing other things as the restaurant has begun preparing your meal. After a short moment, the doorbell will ring and your food will be there. Bon appétit!

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