Tilaa ruokalajin kebab tuotteita alueella Helsinki kotiinkuljetuksella suoraan verkosta kotiovellesi.

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Kebab is a spicy Middle Eastern meat dish that arrived in Finland in the 1960s. The word ‘kebab’ means grilled or roasted meat, and it has been consumed in the Middle East for so long that the origins of the dish are no longer known. Currently, kebab is typically sold as fast food in Finland, and its most popular version is the Turkish döner kebab. However, the dish comes in a variety of forms. In addition to kebab rolls, kebab meat is typically eaten with rice, salad or potatoes, or inside a pita bread. İskender kebab comes with pieces of pita bread and has found its way into the hearts of Finns. Different types of sauces are also an integral part of kebab, and these are added to pita bread and other serving options alike. Contrary to common belief, kebab is not made from kebab animals. Instead, beef, mutton and chicken are typically used in Finland. In addition, vegans now have their own vöner kebab, which contains no animal products.

Home Delivery Kebab in Helsinki

Helsinki has many wonderful restaurants that will deliver kebab to your home. Below is a list of restaurants around the city that provide a fast delivery:

  • Oulunkylän Kebab Pizzeria
  • Pizzataikurit
  • Pizza4U
  • Pizza Express in Lauttasaari and Käpylä
  • Pizza Service Itäkeskus

Our service also includes a number of other restaurants serving delicious food that you can pick your favorite from. So whether you would like to have a kebab or something else, our website will help you find the best restaurants in Helsinki that deliver food directly to you!

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