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The Best Burger Restaurants for Home Delivery in Turku

The origin of the Burger

The hamburger is a dish from Hamburg, Germany. Having said that, there have been some arguments about this, because many claim that burgers are an American invention. However, history books assure us that it was the Germans who brought hamburgers to the States at the end of the 19th century. But to be fair, the Americans did come up with the version that we now call a hamburger by adding a bun to the meat. So, the modern concept consists of two halves of a bun with a patty in between. It should be noted that all great truths and ideas have their roots in Ancient Rome, including the hamburger. The poor people in Rome used to eat their meat wrapped in bread. Due to many historically significant events, it took a long while for burgers to find their way into Finnish culinary culture, and the first American-style restaurants in Helsinki were not opened until in the 1970s. Since then, though, Finns have been a very restaurant-oriented bunch. Sometimes it seems that if you develop something far enough it loses its original idea: nowadays you can replace the meat with chicken or a vegetable patty. Another feature associated with burgers is that they are relatively unhealthy, but attempts have been made for a while to contest this. Hamburgers are still thought of as fast food, but healthier and more versatile versions are also available. Simultaneously, this common folk’s dish has been adopted by some of the finer restaurants as well. You can use almost anything as the fillings: lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, bacon, various types of cheese, chutney and sauce – a countless number of options. The most typical way of making a hamburger meal more filling is to add chips or sweet potato wedges. Those who prefer to watch their figure can choose a side salad instead. People who appreciate uniform quality and taste will be happy to choose burger chain restaurants, while braver souls will also try out non-chain restaurants. Whether the meat in their burger is organic or locally sourced, the bun multigrain, the fillings fresh and the nutritional values as good as possible will also be relevant factors to them. This means venturing fairly far away from the original concept, but on the other hand who in a free country could stop others from questioning conventional truths?

Home Delivery Burgers in Turku

Turku offers burgers in all the colours of the rainbow. Luckily, you can enjoy them even if you do not feel like going out. We recommend that you try out one of these places that offer home-delivered burgers in Turku:

  • Manhattan Best Food
  • Bacadell
  • Sofra
  • Sun City
  • Stadionin Pikapala

Our restaurant selection in Turku is naturally more extensive than this, and you can order a home delivery from several other eateries. Are you too tired or busy to cook, or would you like to serve your guests something special? Our wide variety of options guarantees that you will find something for any occasion.

Placing an order is easy as pie!

Enter the delivery address in the field on the front page, and the service will let you know which restaurants deliver there. Select the restaurant you want from the list and add the most appetising dishes from their menu into your shopping basket. Once you are done, submit your order, and a few moments later the food will be at your door. Bon appétit!

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