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Hamburgers are called hamburgers because they come from the German town of Hamburg. Yes, simplicity is beautiful. Naturally, there have been arguments, because many people associate burgers so strongly with America. However, history books assure us that it was in fact the Germans who introduced the hamburger to the States at the end of the 19th century. And yes, the Americans refined this food into its modern form by adding a bun to accompany the patty. These days, a stereotypical hamburger consists of two halves of a bun and a patty. All truths and ideas come from Ancient Rome, and hamburgers make no exception. In Ancient Rome, poor people used to eat meat wrapped in bread. Many historical eras passed before burgers found their way into Finnish restaurants, and it was not until the 1970s that the first burger places opened their doors in Helsinki. We are fortunate that this happened, because without these places the Finnish restaurant scene would be rather modest. Some might say that we have strayed too far from the basic concept of a hamburger – nowadays the traditional meat can be replaced by chicken or even a vegetable patty. Also the belief that hamburgers are unhealthy has been partly disproved. Of course, burgers are widely thought of as fast food, but healthier and more versatile versions are also available. You can put almost anything between the bun halves: lettuce, bacon, onion, tomato, various types of cheese and chutney, cucumber, prawns, sauces – you name it. Often restaurants will offer a side dish of chips or sweet potato wedges to make a full meal. Those who want to watch their figure should choose a salad with their mega burger. People who appreciate burgers that are always the same in taste and quality will probably select a specific burger chain’s restaurant. However, what matters even more these days is whether the meat is organic or locally sourced, whether the bun is multigrain, whether the fillings are fresh and what the total number of calories of the burger is. We have, therefore, moved fairly far away from the traditional version of hamburgers, but on the other hand, Finland is a free country, so everyone can make their own choices (within good taste).

Home Delivery Burgers in Tampere

You do not always have to go to a restaurant when you feel like having a high-quality burger. You can order them through us and have them delivered, allowing you to sample the best that Tampere has to offer – delicious food brought directly to you. Our favourite burger places in Tampere are:

  • Opera
  • Nupelda
  • Hebun
  • Ristorante Capricciosa Pyynikki
  • Haitari

Oh, no hamburgers today? Perhaps you would prefer a pizza, sushi, Chinese food or kebab? Our selection also includes other types of restaurants that you can choose from to have food delivered to you.

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