Order Home Delivery Burgers in Helsinki

The Best Burger Restaurants for Home Delivery in Helsinki

The background of Burgers

The hamburger is a dish originating in Hamburg, Germany. Yes, that is true. Even though there have been arguments on the matter as some people think hamburgers are an American invention, history books seem to indicate that it was in fact the Germans who took this food across the pond to the States at the end of the 19th century. However, the Americans finetuned the concept, introducing the element of bread, and created what we nowadays think of as hamburgers. The basic idea of a modern-day burger is fairly well known: two halves of a bun with a patty in between. On the other hand, as with all the other great ideas and truths, the hamburger has its origins in Ancient Rome, where the poor people used to eat meat tucked in between two pieces of bread. It took a long while for hamburgers to become part of Finnish restaurant culture, and the first American-style burger places were not established in Helsinki until the 1970s. Since then, Finns have been a fairly restaurant-oriented bunch though. The basic concept of a hamburger has undergone significant developments: these days, the meat can be replaced by chicken or a vegetable patty. Furthermore, another original feature associated with hamburgers, namely that they are unhealthy, has been disputed. The hamburger is still a common fast food item, but significantly healthier and more versatile versions of it are available, even in fancier restaurants. You can put nearly anything inside a burger: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, various types of cheese, chutney and sauce, bacon – there are countless options. In addition, certain added elements turn a simple hamburger into a full meal. The most typical of these is perhaps chips, which may vary from wedges made from whole potatoes or sweet potatoes to chips produced from pureed potatoes. Hamburgers served in fast food chains around the world all taste the same, and this is part of the reason why they are so popular. On the other hand, people have begun to place more value on organic or locally sourced meat, multigrain buns, fresh fillings and low fat content of the meal. So much for the original concept.

Burger delivery straight to your door in Helsinki

Helsinki was the first Finnish city to taste hamburgers, and we will deliver exactly the type of burgers that you want, straight to your door. We recommend that you try out some of these restaurants on our list:

  • Malmin Kuningas
  • Vallila Fast Food
  • Deli Chef
  • Madam Roza
  • La Vera

Our selection of restaurants in Helsinki is very comprehensive, which means that you are guaranteed to find food for any occasion and have it delivered to your door! Whether you want to enjoy a movie night with some pizza or make your life a bit easier by ordering Chinese, we are confident that you will find a suitable option. When you order food through us, we will deliver it to you.

How to place an order on foodora?

1. Enter your address in the field on the front page (this should be the delivery address). 2. Select the restaurant that most appeals to you. 3. Add the items you would like to order in your shopping basket. 4. Submit your order. The restaurant will now begin to prepare your food. Only a short moment later it will arrive at your door. Bon appétit!

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