Asian restaurants in Espoo

Treat your taste buds with the best Asian food deliver

Asian foods are some of the most favored dishes all over the globe. The best Asian restaurants Espoo are not to be left behind in the quest to satisfy their clients’ need with Asian cuisines. These include such dishes as Chinese Fresh Lumpia, Maki-mi, and many others.


Restaurant such as Xin Long has dishes that include main courses, soups, appetizers as well as salads, so your needs are all taken care of. One of the most famous Asian cuisines are the Fish Balls which are an equivalent of the westerners’ hotdogs. They are available on the streets and are made of pressed meat from fish. Though they can be served on their own as in-between snacks, they can be immersed in sauce or even marinated, and be served with tofu, rice or even noodles. Garlic, vinegar or sweet soy sauce can be added to enhance the taste according to one’s preference.


Asian cuisines have varied crossovers as demonstrated by restaurants such as Tang Men and Tamarin, however, each cuisine has specific ingredients that make it not only unique but also special. Regardless of the ingredients or the lack thereof, it would be virtually impossible to pin-point which cuisine is the best. The ingredients used to make all Asian cuisines are also sourced from suppliers who have lived up to the high standards set by such establishments. Whether you had a long day at work, or you want to treat visitors with an unforgettable dish, the Asian and Sushi restaurants in Espoo will surpass your expectations.

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