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The strength of the restaurant culture in Turku is that the city has many highly regarded, high-quality restaurants, all within a short walking distance from one another. Epicures will find fantastic food options on both sides of the river, and a comprehensive understanding of what the city has to offer can be achieved particularly in the summer by taking the Föri, a ferry that transports people across the river for free. Another option is to have a meal on one of the many river boats, allowing you to enjoy the day and life in the outdoors. Award-winning fine dining, unpretentious meat dishes and refreshing yet filling salads can be found in the city centre. The traditional local delicacies in Turku include typical foods from the archipelago. On the other hand, new culinary trends from abroad often arrive in Turku before spreading to the rest of the country. In addition, Turku hosts many summer-time food events, fairs and expositions. The Market Square and the Market Hall offer a wide variety of fresh ingredients, but also fully prepared taste experiences and a place to meet up. And if you are not looking for a whole meal, you could always just enjoy a cup of coffee. The best thing is, however, that you can have food delivered directly to your home! Turku is a dream come true for those who love walking. The Food Walk walking tour will introduce you to several high-quality restaurants in one go. But as sometimes you do not even have time for a short walk, it is fantastic to be able to order a home delivery in Turku, quickly and easily. This eliminates all excuses for not sampling the culinary culture of Turku. Restaurants in Turku provide food for every occasion: you can hold a banquet, ordering food for a large number of guests, just as easily as you can enjoy a movie marathon and a home-delivered pizza, lounging about on your sofa.

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Ordering food in Turku is quick, easy and inexpensive. Whether you just want a quick lunch or a more powerful culinary experience, you can order it hassle-free through foodora. By using our service, you can also easily browse through menus of local restaurants, and if for some inexplicable reason you cannot find what you are looking for, let us know and we will look into it! You can also download the foodora app for your phone, making it even easier to order a home delivery. We offer a number of payment options, most likely also the one that you prefer! We accept cash, card, MobilePay or via an online bank.

Here are a few tips for ordering food in Turku:

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  • Bacadell
  • Melisa
  • Keisari Kebab & Pizzeria

What to taste in Turku?

You can safely drink from the tap in Turku and easily have food delivered to you from a number of quality restaurants. Especially pizza and kebab places, Chinese and Thai restaurants, as well as sushi restaurants, prepare food that is perfect for home deliveries. This is often the most relaxing way, because the local food is so good that the queues to restaurants sometimes spill out to the street. So why not save some time and have your food delivered to you? You can use the extra time on things that matter.