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Blood sausage is an iconic dish in Tampere. This delicacy is often enjoyed at a marketplace, and other forms of social dining are also becoming popular in the city. Tampere is also home to many food festivals and events, with themes ranging from street food and fish markets to the diverse set of delicacies offered during the Restaurant Day and at multicultural fairs. This means that the city has a lot more to offer than just blood sausage. Tampere has many fantastic restaurants worth visiting, not least of all because of their beautiful locations. The best views to accompany a meal can probably be found up in the tower of Näsinneula, while the Market Hall is full of life and lively restaurants and cafés, and the factories of Finlayson and the Tammerkoski rapids provide a multitude of restaurants with a magnificent setting. It is a fantastic thing to realise that food can also be delivered to you in Tampere – quickly, easily and inexpensively. Even the more sociable types will appreciate the occasional chance of enjoying their meals in private, or have food quickly delivered to their homes when there simply is no time or energy to start cooking. Either way, restaurants in Tampere put people first and offer them the best possible quality and service.

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Whether you just want a quick lunch or a more traditional local culinary experience, you can order it hassle-free through foodora. Our service also allows you to browse the menus and read the reviews of our partner restaurants. If for some inexplicable reason you cannot find the restaurant you are looking for, let us know and we will look into it. The best and fastest way to place an order is to use the foodora app by downloading it on your phone. The payment methods include card, cash and MobilePay or via an online bank.

Popular restaurants in Tampere include:

  • Mardin Tampere – Tammela
  • Power Pizzeria
  • La Toore
  • Haitari
  • Pizzeria Eiffel

What to eat in Tampere?

Blood sausage. Once you have tasted this local food, though, you ought to give other things a go as well, as eating nothing but sausage might become boring after a while. Tampere offers a variety of Asian foods, snack bar items, kebab, pizza and plenty of other things to enjoy. You should taste them all to find your favourite. So start browsing the menus and sampling the restaurants in Tampere!