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Traditional foods in Espoo include cod and potato, Anna’s cake and fisherman’s fried Baltic herrings, which is understandable given Espoo’s marine location. But these days they mainly have historical meaning and are certainly not the only food options available in Espoo. Today’s Espoo is a beautiful blend of different cultures and stages of life. The city’s culinary history has been strongly influenced by international trends, and while Espoo is an urban area, the close proximity to nature is clearly evident. Six of Aalto University’s units are located in Espoo, which has added colour to the streets and increased the number of restaurants in the area. Eating out at shopping centres has become more popular, and new restaurants are popping up around the country. However, while this new tradition benefits the shopping centres’ visitors, many people are still put off by the noise from the shops. Naturally, Espoo also has great restaurants in more peaceful locations surrounded by nature, offering comprehensive and exclusive culinary experiences. And the best thing is that you can also have these culinary experiences be delivered to you – the only downside being that the surrounding landscapes are not included in the deal. Espoo therefore has an amazing selection of restaurants and other options for eating out. Luckily, you can also enjoy their food at times when you are too busy or simply do not want to leave home. By ordering food through us, you will have more time to spend on yourself or with others. We have an extensive selection of restaurants in Espoo, and you are guaranteed to find something you like, which we will be happy to deliver to you.

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Whether you want to order Finnish food or something more exotic in Espoo, you can do it easily through us at foodora. Skim through the restaurant menus and reviews on our website, and if you cannot find a specific restaurant on our list, let us know. We promise to look into it! Placing an order is now even easier with the handy foodora app that you can download for your phone. We also accept a variety of payment methods: card, cash, MobilePay or via an online bank. We are confident you will find one that suits you!

Our favourite places in Espoo include:

  • Pepino
  • Pizzakuningas Leppävaara
  • Olarin Vanha Mestari
  • Ghetto Street Food Bar
  • Järvenperä

Which foods to try in Espoo?

When ordering food in Espoo, you should check out the international options. Or if you would prefer something from a snack bar just go for it. You can order virtually anything through us, and we have an excellent selection of restaurants available for all types of food. Try them out and find your favourites! We will bring whatever you want to your door.