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Simplest food deliveries

If you are looking for a service that covers nearly all the restaurants in Finland, congratulations. You have found it. foodora gathers restaurants under one roof to make home deliveries as easy as possible for you. The service allows you to locate the closest restaurants and order your favourite foods from their menus quickly and easily with a home delivery. You can order food through us without a hassle online or with our handy app. Why wait longer? Just try our service!

How extensive is the selection of restaurants on foodora?

We have partner restaurants in roughly 100 towns around Finland, including Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, and Tampere. Other locations include Rovaniemi, Imatra, and even Kittilä. In addition to this, our service offers a variety of cuisines, such as Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Nepalese. There are also foods available for every taste, including sushi, kebab, pizza, burgers, and falafel. Learn more about the foodora service and its restaurant options, because delicious food is waiting for you!

How does the service work?

Enter the delivery address on the front page and we will list all the restaurants that deliver there, whether you are at home or with friends. Then, choose your favorite restaurant and food items – pizza, sushi, or Chinese, for example. Once you are done, submit your order, and the restaurant will begin preparing your food. A moment later your doorbell will go DING DONG, and you will receive a freshly-cooked delicious meal right at your door. Bon appétit!

Collect bonus points for almost all orders!

Many restaurants in the foodora service offer bonus points. This means that when ordering food from them you get back a certain percentage of the price in bonus points. These bonuses can then be used to pay for subsequent orders in that particular restaurant. You can even collect so many points that you will receive a free meal with a home delivery. You can use your bonus points when paying for your order. We at foodora also like to reward our customers from time to time, sometimes by organising competitions or drawing lots, at other times by providing special offers and discounts. You can access these rewards in a number of ways by either following us on Facebook or Instagram, or by subscribing to our newsletter or notifications on our app. Therefore you should leave the notifications turned on when downloading the app. This way you will be among the first to hear about our offers.

Remember to leave a review

Once you have received your food and finished your meal, we would be extremely grateful if you could leave a review regarding the restaurant’s performance in terms of food, service and swiftness. After having placed an order, you can give the restaurant 1–5 stars to allow other users to find the restaurants that best suit them. In order for the reviews to be as useful as possible, you should include a short description so that other people can read about the areas in which the restaurant did well. Remember to review the foodora application as well.